Performance Roadmaps Bulletin


Bell Aliant Field Services has recently rolled out a new tool called Performance Roadmaps to some CST’s. It is based on the Bell Curve for measuring organizational standards that is outdated and ineffective. It has been proven to discourage collaboration and damage productivity.


This forced ranking system has been abandoned by companies such as GE, Adobe, Microsoft, Deloitte and Accenture with 330,000 employees and many others who have come to realize that “Command and Control” don’t work as well as “Connection, Collaboration and Inspiration”.


This tool measures all the techs under a director and compares them against each other. They then identify the bottom 10% of the group and put them on this "improvement plan" to get them out of the bottom 10%. Of course, if the identified techs are successful in getting out of the bottom, another 10% of techs will drop into it, continuing the vicious cycle of Tech competing against Tech. This "hamster wheel" type of measurement does not accurately recognize the productivity of individual technicians.


The management team refers to this as a coaching tool. However, Unifor Local 401 knows this tool is anti-collaborative, anti-productive and an inhumane approach that puts all technicians on a treadmill and keeps them there, resulting in ever increasing pressure and stress in their work day, that will ultimately be carried into their personal lives.


Bell has used similar measurement tools in the past for both the inside and outside workforce's, that have measured members on KPI's that they often have little control over and resulting in “Job Speed UP” causing unsafe psychological health effects on our members.


We ask all techs that are put on Performance Roadmaps, or have been given verbal notice they may be going on one, to reach out to your local if you have concerns. We also ask that all techs keep a tally of work they do that goes wrong through no fault of their own, in order that we have the right information when we have to grieve your placement on this tool or any other disciplinary measure the company uses.


In NL and PEI, 30-day discipline letters (Performance improvement letters) have been handed out, and more are expected. Unifor Local 401 will continue to work to make improvements to gain back some work life balance for our techs.


Unifor Local 401 understands that managers can monitor and coach to improve performance, but this Forced Ranking plan shouldn’t be executed without input from our workplace and or Aliant OH&S committees to ensure processes and procedures don’t harm our members health.


UNIFOR has a campaign………………… “FIGHT SPEEDUP” to let management know they have pushed too hard and too far! This is our National UNIFOR’s effort to make our workplaces more tolerable with better working conditions, better job design focused on a pace of work and production standards that we all can be proud to be part of as our path forward into Progressive Change.


Your Local is saying “Enough is Enough”


Bobby MacDonald

President Local 401

Vice-Chair Unifor ACL